A YouTuber operating on the outskirts of Tokyo has struggled to put together this week’s video blog after being distracted by the splendour of his own face.

“Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on delivering information about Japan when I’m confronted with the magnificence of my own face,” said Peter Bigford.

“Once I see myself on screen it’s hard to stop admiring the beauty of my eyeballs, which have received constant positive feedback over the past 18 months while living in Japan.”

Bigford’s eyes are a dark brownish color with streaks of hazel, but he often refers to them as emerald green.

“The vibrant green in my eyes just keeps getting more dazzling each time I look into them.”

Videos uploaded to Bigford’s YouTube Channel Bigford In Japan provides an important public service by tackling some of the greatest issues of our time including recent videos such as “The Top 10 Types Of Foreigners In Japan” and “The Most Interesting Things Bigford Has Found In A Japanese Convenience Store”.

Citizens driving around the Edogawa Ward area in Eastern Tokyo should be advised that Bigford is considering purchasing a camera to attach to the dashboard of his Suzuki Swift.

Image: Flickr/Aheram (edited TRW)


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